Friday, April 1, 2011

Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere!

Christian Dior haute couture
Ruffles are in full swing in both interior design and fashion for 2011. They're fun, flirty, drop-dead feminine, and add movement, even if you're standing still. If you incorporate only one style element to update your wardrobe or interior design this year, it's hard to get more bang for the buck than ruffles.

Below, a gorgeous ruffled tablecloth from A Beach Cottage. I would particularly love this tablescape at a luncheon, with a gentle breeze from an open window generating gentle movement in the fabric.

Dolce & Gabbana sends a diaphanous, ruffled floor-length floral down the runway for their Spring 2011 show.

Below, CAbi, from their Spring 2011 collection, illustrates how to incorporate a runway couture ruffle trend into your everyday look. Combine a ruffled shirt under a structured blazer and you're ready for a style that flows seamlessly from work to play.

What 's better than one ruffled bedskirt? Two ruffled bedskirts softens this small bedroom, giving it a decidedly romantic, cottage feel.

Courtesy of
And how could anyone have a bad day wearing these Balenciaga wool ruffled shoes!

Interior Designer Sally Wheat covered her English saddle arm chairs in eggplant-colored linen with extra-long ruffles.

Courtesy of Cote de Texas
Gina from the Shabby Chic Cottage sewed  these ruffled curtains in 30 minutes. It would take me that long just to figure out how to turn on my sewing machine!

Heavy wool clothing inspired this felt-covered chair from Sweden's Fredrik Farg. The designer said that this design is a nod to menswear, though with a ruffle to soften the look.

I just love this! Designer Shannon Bowers had this slipcover made with a double ruffle effect.

Courtesy of Cote de Texas

Even the lowly laundry bag can be glammed-up with ruffles! And why not?? Even I might crack a smile tackling laundry in this Urban Outfitter bag. 

Designer Lauren Ross slipcovered her dining room chairs in linen with a soft double ruffle. What a great look!

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